Safari Information

Here at Katzke Safaris we pride ourselves on the personal touch. With many years of experience in safari informationhunting big and dangerous game, we offer great hunting by staying small and focused so that you get the experience you’ve dreamed of.

With access to some of the best hunting areas in southern Africa, we can offer opportunities for an unbeatable variety of species, all under one roof. With us, it’s not just the trophy that’s paramount, it’s the entire experience.

Make the most of your time in Africa

As well as great hunting, we also offer excellent tailor-made photographic safaris that you can combine with your hunt. Whether you’re a lover of scenic splendour, wildlife or culture, you can customise a classic photographic safari to your tastes.

You can also make a brief diversion into the world of hot-barrelled wingshooting for a variety of game birds, water birds and doves on some of our concessions. Hunt over some of the best German Shorthairs and English Pointers in the country, and enjoy the thrill of the shoot.

Everything about Africa leaves an indelible impression on ones senses, and gives you fantastic rocking chair memories to boot. Game fishing in Africa is no different; and for the adventurous angler, we can also arrange exclusive sport fishing options as part of your safari.

Hunting with ussafari information

Hunting plays a major role in conservation efforts in Africa, and as a result, we’re extremely about the way that we hunt.

Our trained teams of PH’s, skinners and trackers are well versed in the ethics of sustainable utilisation, and we strive to always maintain an ethical and professional image.

We do our utmost to select old, top-quality trophy specimens for you, which are pursued in the timeless tradition of fair chase.

This means that at times you’ll be required to walk long distances, endure heat, thirst, cold and wet, and still make a clean shot.

Our behaviour ensures that hunting is always seen as a viable part of the conservation effort, and to this end, we ask that you respect the values that make this sport great.

Firearms And Ammunition for Your Safari

A medium calibre bolt-action rifle such as a.30-06 or .300 Win Mag is suitable for most plains game and leopard. Large antelope such as eland require a minimum calibre of .338. If dangerous game is to be hunted, a .375 H & H Magnum or larger is recommended.

Use only the best premium grade bullets available such as Rhino, Swift A, Barnes X or Trophy Bonded. Solids are recommended for thick-skinned animals such as buffalo and elephant. Sixty rounds per calibre are suggested. It is wise to practice your shooting well before the safari so that you are totally comfortable with your rifle/s and ammunition.

Suggested Personal Safari Equipment

  1. Good quality pocket size binoculars.
  2. Hat for the Africa sun.
  3. Ammunition carrier or belt.
  4. Multi-purpose knife or leatherman tool.
  5. Torch and batteries.
  6. Earplugs.
  7. Sling and cleaning kit.
  8. Good quality camera and plenty of film/batteries.
  9. Universal adapter for video equipment.

We suggest the following clothing list: -

  1. 3 pairs hunting pants or shorts
  2. 3 hunting shirts
  3. Warm jacket or sweater
  4. Tracksuit or sweats for cooler evenings
  5. 4 sets underwear
  6. 4 pairs socks
  7. 1 or 2 pairs good walking boots, well broken in to prevent blisters ruining your safari
  8. Casual clothing and shoes for around camp
  9. Sun hat/cap
  10. Personal toiletries

Laundry is done on a daily basis. All clothing and footwear worn while hunting should be of a dark khaki or jungle green color.